Sprint Retrospective - Sailboat

March 23, 2022

Author: Daniel José da Silva

A sailboat sailing in a calm ocean with a good weather

Sprint Retrospective using Sailboat is one of my favorites techniques.

Sailboat retrospective template - wind, sun, anchor and reef


Using this technique we can get the team feedback in various aspects such was "The wind" what as good in the sprint, "The anchor" what was bad in the spring, "The Sun" shout out for the team, positive vibes and "The Reef" risks ahead.

That is a very good way to bring the team to discuss about People, Process and Product bringing up ideas, problems and a bit of planning ahead.

Concrete examples:

Wind: The Product Owner was very attentive to the sizing of the user stories and that helped us to delivery value faster.

Sun: My colleague John helped me to build a new library to process messages faster.

Anchor: We had issues deploying to the server causing delays to update the system.

Reef: Next month we going to need help from the US team to complete the system test so we have to plan this dependency in advance.

Action Plan:

Once you have all the information in the board it is time to group the similar feedback and discuss the most important topics and do not forget to create an action plan for the next sprint to keep the People, Process and Product always improving.


I like the tool called Miro to collaborate in the retrospective, you can find in the link below a template to run the sailboat retrospective.

Sailboat - Retrospective Template

Do you enjoy running retrospectives ?


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