Curriculum - Resume of Daniel José Da Silva


Agile Program Manager

04/2021 - Actual
Work with Product Management to translate customer problems into high-level requirements, epics and stories, properly prioritized so that teams have what they need to deliver the right increment of customer value. Own and drive team delivery by Clarifying requirements with clear acceptance criteria with Product Management. Coordinating design work with UX. Sequencing and refining of work to realize design and delivery. Ensuring the teams can meet quality and security standards. Managing dependencies between teams. Drive sprint ceremonies working with other Squad Leaders, Product Management, Engineering management and other functions including planning events, backlog and roadmap reviews and team retrospectives and demos. Continuously advocate for team health, efficiency and effectiveness by removing barriers to success, managing risks and helping teams self-organize.Communicate the delivery expectations for customer value and dependencies to stakeholders and leadership. Represent squad deliverables (product/features) in company-wide presentations (with PM partner). Take on projects and work cross-organizationally as needed to facilitate communication, alignment and efficient quality delivery with partner teams across F5
Scrum MasterScrumAgilePMIBDDLeadershipPeople Skills

NGINX is a brilliant company to work for we live in the top of the modern applications and contributing a lot on open source projects.

Scrum Master

01/2021 - 03/2022
AMCS Group
Scrum Master helping everyone to understand the Scrum theory and practice in the Scrum team and the organization. Ensuring that the Scrum events take place and are positive. Removing team impediments that prevents the team to progress.
Scrum MasterScrumAgilePMIBDDLeadershipPeople Skills

I was the first Scrum Master hired on AMCS that was a very interesting experience working to improve the knowledge of Scrum in the company and partnership with the Product owners to improve products and set the quality bar high

Staff Software Engineer - Scrum Master

07/2019 - 12/2020
Quest Software
Develop and maintain high availability and disaster recovery strategies for critical solutions in the company. The tech stack contains REST APIs developed using C# deployed on Microsoft Azure, Azure Redis Cache and Azure Functions projects that works with an Azure Service Bus to control our events flow and integration with third party applications. Help the company to engage with the best agile practices using Scrum.
C#ScrumCloud ApplicationRedis CacheAzureREST APILeadershipScrum MasterPeople Skills

I was given a great opportunity to work with cloud solutions and distributed systems and learn loads of the best DevOps practices in the market. Our team was always pushing to use the best and newest technologies in the market so there was tons of R&D done by us. I was very proud of the work that we did and be seen as a team that was reference to other teams in the company.

Mobile Team Leader - Scrum Master

10/2018 - 06/2019
Genesis Automation Healthcare
Oversees and manages effective use of personnel resources to insure service quality standards and budgetary scheduling standards are met. Assesses individual training needs and ensure needs are met. Coaches subordinates on organizational standards and provides position training as required. Maximizes potential of subordinates using established performance management methods and may conduct or assist in formal performance evaluations. Delivery amazing mobile solutions for our clients.
ScrumC#SQL ServerAndroidMobileREST APILeadershipScrum MasterPeople Skills

I like so much the tech stack and dedicated myself to learn the best practices in the market that I got me promoted as team leader. I had experience in leadership in the past and that motivates me to be a better leader this time. I worked in a program to get people certificate in our team to improve the technologies that we were using and we end up with a huge success.

Senior Software Developer

01/2017 - 10/2018
Genesis Automation Healthcare
Full stack developer, responsible to build new functionalities and maintenance of existing mobile solutions using the most recent technologies and design patterns granting quality and safety on healthcare solutions for our customers.
ScrumC#SQL ServerAndroid MobileREST APILeadershipPeople Skills

That was my first time working with Mobile applications and I really like it. I had to learn from scratch how the Android works and how to integrate scanners, barcode, push notifications, local databases.

Full Stack .NET Developer

06/2014 - 03/2015
My main responsibility was add and give maintenance on features in the to an application responsible to control all workflow in the retro-fit programs. The tech stack used was ASP.NET MVC + Jquery + SQL Server
C#SQL ServerWEBPeople SkillsJqueryREST API

That was my first experience work abroad and that helped me a lot to grow as a person and as a professional. Working 100% of the time using English language and exposed to a very good mix of culture.

C# .NET Developer

06/2014 - 03/2015
FSK Gestão e Tecnologia
Working as an interface between the Marketing area and the technical area translating the business requirements in technical artefact delegating the development activities to the global teams (Argentine and Germany) following up the final deliveries to Marketing area. I have worked in several marketing projects where the majority was related to marketing researches using iOS as main platform and the backend on Microsoft MVC.
C#SQL ServerLeadershipPeople Skills

As I had automated about all of my work in the previous job there was not much left to me do there so I had to move to a new position and still working for Philip Morris. I had such a good experience traveling to many different cities giving support to launch the Marketing and Sales initiatives.

C# .NET Developer and Business Intelligence Analyst (Contractor)

06/2012 - 04/2014
Focus in delivery fast and trustable data to Sales and Marketing area on Philip Morris Brazil.A s main responsibility, I had to control the load process and guarantee that the data was correct imported from the several data sources and the and the information was updated and available to the sales and marketing area. Support the sales area on OLAP cubes and basic training. Requirement gathering and implementation of the new features on the OLAP cubes using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and C# ASP.NET to build dashboards.
C#SQL ServerLeadershipBusiness IntelligencePeople Skills

Funny history I was asked if I knew SQL for this job and 'I said yes I do have some knowledge on it'. When I got in my first day I was told that I would be working with business intelligence. I do have the 'CAN DO' attitude and took the challenge. That was a very interesting leaning curve and I love it, I started from ground on business intelligence and end up automating about all the manual working making the system more reliable and robust.

Instructor of C# .NET and Microsoft SQL Server (Weekend Job)

06/2010 - 08/2010
Active Info
Teach logic, C# and Microsoft SQL Server for IT students.
C#SQL ServerLeadershipPeople Skills

I had an opportunity to share my knowledge with other people and I felt very good feeling when I saw people evolving to be better at they were doing. I had a very mixed level of knowledge of students in my class so I had to learn how to make it interesting to everyone even if the topic was very basic.

C# Developer and Requirement Analyst (Contractor)

06/2010 - 08/2010
I worked in multiple projects doing requirements gathering, change requests analysis (impact analysis), UML documentation and assessment of hours for development. I was involved in all process since the prototyping, client validation (approval), implementation (by development team), final validation with the client and deploy.
C#SQL ServerUMLLeadershipPeople Skills

I had the opportunity to work in many different projects for big companies into several areas as Pharmacy, Hardware Assembly, Quality Control, Hardware Resellers, School. That gave me a push to improve a lot my personal skills as I had to work with so many people with different knowledge and background.

C# Full Stack Developer (Contractor)

06/2010 - 08/2010
Campanha Beto Richa
As Full Stack Developer I was responsible to get the requirements with our stakeholders and convert that into a working software using the best practices on the market using Microsoft tech stack.
C#SQL ServerREST APIWEBPeople Skills

That was a project focused on strategic political information. Yes our client won the election.

C# Developer and Requirement Analyst (Contractor)

11/2009 - 06/2010
Dharmatech Consultoria e Tecnologia Ltda
As requirement analyst my responsibility was to get the requirements from our clients and convert that into technical documentation so the developers could pick that up and transform it on working software. As developer I have helped the team to create a good architecture so that could be extended in the future without many changes in the core.
C#SQL ServerREST APIWEBPeople Skills

I had a chance to work with a different mix of professionals in this project and that helped me to grow as professional respecting and collaborating better with my colleagues leading towards our goals.

C# Web Developer (Contractor)

05/2009 - 10/2009
Requirement gathering and software development using C# and ASP.NET, maintenance of the software provided by the company. Main achievements: Migration of the main application from ASP 3 to ASP.NET improving design and performance.
C#SQL ServerREST APIWEBPeople Skills

I took a challenge to migrate a old project to a new platform. That was some hard work to get the functionalities work and performing better. The team that we had worked very well together and we succeed with this project.

Technical Leader and Developer

07/2008 - 05/2009
Development of solutions using web and windows applications and training new developers to improve their knowledge in C# and source control. As a technical leader participate actively in the architecture and development of an ERP solution from the scratch. This was the biggest project that I have been worked on, involving about 40 people including developers and test team.
KanbamC#SQL ServerREST APILeadershipPeople Skills

That was my first experience in the leadership and I leaned a lot on how to deal with people and how to collaborate with the other leaders to get the project always moving forward. That was a waterfall type of projects with some aspects of Kanbam for the development.


Bachelor of Information Systems

01/2007 - 03/2011


PSMI - Professional Scrum Master I